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We offer you the best education expertise in the world, nothing less.

Excellent results in the OECD’s PISA surveys testify to Finland’s unique know-how in the field of education, as does the increasing demand for Finnish pedagogy solutions worldwide.

Finland, with its acclaimed education system, is a nation where high-quality education has proved an essential element in building wealth, social stability and a competitive edge in the global economy.

Investing in Finnish education expertise will yield benefits in:

  • The results of education
  • The professional growth of teachers
  • The future of children and young people
  • Cooperation between universities and organisations dealing with working life
  • Innovations that originate from academic work and lead to economic growth

Finland has earned great fame for its high-quality education. Our education system was named the best in the world by the education firm Pearson in 2012.

Image: City of Turku, Joonas Mäkivirta