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Secondary General Academic Education

Secondary general academic education continues the teaching and educational tasks of basic education to students between ages 16 and 19, though there are exceptions. The general upper secondary school ends in the matriculation examination which yields eligibility for all higher education studies.

Secondary general academic education is mainly organised without division into grades, and teaching is not tied to year classes. The scope of the syllabus is three years, but the studies may be accomplished in two, three or four years; the students may proceed in their studies either as a group or individually. There are no national regulations concerning the pupils/teacher ratio.

The objective of secondary general academic education is to promote the development of students into good, balanced and civilised individuals and members of society and to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for further studies, working life, their personal interests and the diverse development of their personalities. In addition, the education must support students’ opportunities for lifelong learning and self-development during their lives.

Secondary general academic education is primarily free of charge for students, but students have to pay for the materials.

Image: University of Turku, Hanna Oksanen