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Universities of Applied Sciences

Universities of applied sciences are oriented towards working life, providing higher education that matches the needs of the labour market. They also conduct research and development that supports instruction and promotes regional development.

The extent of studies in a university of applied sciences is generally 210−240 study points (ECTS), which means 3.5–4 years of full-time study. This education is arranged as degree programmes. The entry requirement is a certificate from an upper secondary school or the matriculation certificate, a vocational qualification or corresponding foreign studies. Each student has a personal study plan, which facilitates student guidance and the monitoring of progress in studies.

The general requirement for admission to universities of applied sciences is general or vocational upper secondary education and training. In other words, applicants eligible for polytechnic studies include those who have completed the matriculation examination, general upper secondary school or an upper secondary vocational qualification, or those with a corresponding international or foreign qualification.

Students apply to universities of applied sciences through the joint national application system electronically. The universities determine the principles of student admission independently. Student admission is based on previous study record and work experience. In many cases, entrance examinations are also arranged.

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